Russian TechTrans was established by Alek Karelin and Jennifer Sunseri in 2010 to capitalize on their creative and technical strengths through collaboration. Jennifer is a native speaker of English based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. She handles all orders from Russian into English. Alek is a native speaker of Russian, based in Barcelona Spain. He handles all orders from English into Russian.

Our practice

  • At Russian Techtrans, we guarantee that all translations are done by the native speaker of the target language. This means that Jennifer handles ALL orders into English, and Alek handles ALL orders into Russian.
  • At Russian TechTrans, we translate the message, not just the words. When appropriate we use CAT tools. But be assured that we do not believe in word-for-word translations.
  • Research is integral to our production process.
  • Every job undergoes rigorous proofing.
  • Jennifer and Alek provide each other native language support both directly and through their native language network of contacts.

Our backgrounds

Jennifer has been engaged in full time translation work for close to a decade after leaving a career in academia to return to the Pacific Northwest of the USA. In between working on an M.A. in Slavic Linguistics and a doctorate in Russian Literature, Jennifer spent many years working in scientific publishing in Moscow Russia.

Alek has been engaged in full time translation work for close to 20 years. His educational background is in engineering and physics with a focus on microelectronics. His extensive background ranges from technical texts, including automation, to tourism, subtitling of popular television and film productions, and legal and contractual work.